WallGUARD® – Concrete Faced Insulated Perimeter Wall Panels

WallGUARD® applications include:  Protect waterproofing of exposed foundations, knee walls, rim joists and slab edges both below and above grade. The brushed latex modified concrete facing laminated to 2″ or 3″ of  Styrofoam® provides for surface protection and insulation in one easy to install step, saving time and labor.  The latex concrete facing can be field painted with a latex concrete paint to match the buildings facade.  WallGUARD can also be used on parapet walls over the waterproofing to insulate and protect.

WallGUARD® insulates and protects areas from just below grade to where your heat lost begins around the exposed area of your building foundation.  Around the slab edge or rim joist is an area that can account for 10% or more of your total heat loss.  WallGUARD stops that heat loss and provides a durable latex modified concrete finish that can stand up to accidental impact. WallGUARD comes standard in a gray concrete, but can be coated on-site to provide a color or texture match to your exterior design features.

WallGUARD is manufactured using Styrofoam extruded polystyrene insulation, with a factory-applied 5/16-inch latex-modified concrete coating. Panels are 2’x4′ with tongue-and-groove edges on the 4′ length.  WallGUARD comes in either 2″ (R-10) or 3″ (R-15) thicknesses of  Styrofoam and is attached with a hidden clip system that is provided with each pallet of product.

As with any cement based product, color variation, efflorescence, and/or hairline cracking of the cementitious facing may occur.  The phenomenon will not affect the performance of the WallGUARD panels and will not affect the warranty.  If uniform or matching coloring is required, a quality latex masonry coating must be applied.  For a more detailed explanation of the performance expectations of the WallGUARD panels you can go to our FAQ page or click the following link.  T. Clear Panel Performance & Aesthetic Expectations.

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Primary Benefits:

  • Provide finish and insulation in one easy step, reducing installation costs
  • Can be installed in most weather conditions, allowing year-round construction
  • Can be used in retrofit or new applications
  • Can be applied over masonry block or cast in place concrete
  • Protect perimeters from freeze-thaw cycling, extending lifecycle of masonry structures
  • Can be applied above or below grade
  • Hidden clip system and fasteners included

Cap Flashing & Side Flashing for WallGUARD

T. Clear Corporation is pleased to offer a UV stable rigid PVC Cap Flashing and Side Flashing designed specifically for WallGUARD Concrete Faced Insulated Perimeter Wall Panels. The use of PVC results in no thermal bridging so the flashing will not take away from the insulation value of the WallGUARD panels or the wall assembly. The PVC is an aesthetically pleasing gray color that closely matches the natural color of the concrete facing on the WallGUARD panels.

WG Cap Flashing Data Sheet

WG Side Flashing Data Sheet