In 1975, Ted and Mary Louise Clear founded Fin Pan, Inc.  It was Ted’s successful patented process line and his successful manufacturing of thin concrete backerboard that caught the attention of The Dow Chemical Company.  Fin Pan delivered to Dow the first successful IRMA (Insulated Roof Material Assembly) Roofing PMR, called XFS4249.   The name was later changed to LightGUARD® PMR.  For the next 15 years, Fin Pan Inc, manufactured IRMA Roofing PMR for Dow. In 1991, Dow Chemical, sold the LightGUARD® PMR product name and marketing rights to Fin Pan, Inc.  Fin Pan split the roofing division off and formed T. Clear Corporation.

Continuing with the tradition of innovation, T. Clear developed, below grade foundation insulation and drainage system which the Dow Chemical Co. marketed as ThermaDRY®. In 1998, The Dow Chemical Company signed the rights to the ThermaDRY® name to T. Clear Corp.

 In 1995, T. Clear Corporation patented and developed an innovative Structural Insulated Panel System, PROTEC® Concrete Structural Insulated Panel System. Another innovation  based on thin concrete processing and lamination to Styrofoam technology.  ProTEC® C-SIP  uses Fin Pan, Inc.’s high quality concrete backer board, Util-A-Crete®, as the exterior and interior surfaces.  A woodless system, connected with embedded steel, PROTEC® offers superior energy efficiency and sustainability.  It can be used for residential, multi-family and light commercial applications.

 Continuing to analyze wall assembly problems and products, in 2007 T. Clear developed ProGUARD™, Concrete Insulated Sheathing.  ProGUARD™ can be used on the exterior of all types of building in both residential and commercial.  PROGUARD™ is ship-lapped to prevent air and water penetration. In one step, the exterior of the building is ready to directly apply stuccos, elastomeric coatings, siding, half brick or stone.

 In 2005 The Dow Chemical Company assigned the rights for the marketing and sales in Canada of Concrete Topped Insulated Perimeter Wall Panels and Concrete Topped PMR Roof Panels to T. Clear Corporation.  T. Clear currently markets the perimeter wall panels as WallGUARD® and the roofing panels as LightGUARD® & HeavyGUARD®WallGUARD® and its clipping system can be used on new builds or retrofits for homes and commercial buildings.  In 2009, WallGUARD® began to be sold in the northern regions of the U.S. and continues to spread across the remainder of the country as the need for continuous insulation around the slab edge or rim joist is required.

Innovation and progressive thinking by T. Clear Corporation continues to bring fine, energy efficient, durable and sustainable products, to all aspects of the residential and commercial building envelope markets.