ProGUARD DP® – Insulated Concrete Board

ProGUARD DP® applications include:  Arriscraft wall systems requiring a drainage plane incorporated into the insulated concrete panel itself.  Typical Arriscraft applications are Thin-Brick, Light Stone & Stucco   Provides continuous insulation, drainage plane and a concrete backerboard substrate in one easy to install step which eliminates multiple trips around the building, therefore saving time and labor.  Available through Arriscraft or General Shale distributors exclusively.

ProGUARD DP®Insulated Concrete Board is a unique next generation building product designed for both commercial and residential applications.  It is a light-weight, durable, ready to finish insulated concrete board that attaches to structural studs or concrete walls.  By putting the insulation on the outside of the assembly, heat transfer through the studs or concrete (structual/substrate materials) is greatly reduced and the thermal efficiency of the wall system significantly increased.

In addition, the Util-A-Crete® concrete skin provides a durable, ready to finish surface that is installed along with the insulation in one easy step.  The ProGUARD DP®panels are furnished with drainage planes in the polystyrene insulation to allow moisture migration down the wall assembly to flashing lines.  Significant labor savings result when the insulation, sheathing and drainage planes are installed in a single unified product.

Arriscraft and General Shale, along with their exclusive dealer/distributor partners, are the exclusive North American distributors/dealers of the Drainage Plane ProGUARD DP®Insulated Concrete Board Panels.  Please click on the following link  to see additional product and where to buy details.


*The ProGUARD DP®Insulated Concrete Board consists of Util-A-Crete®  concrete backerboard from Fin Pan, Inc.