Sustainability Contributions


LightGUARD® Protected Membrane Roofing Panel              HeavyGUARD® Protected Membrane Roofing Panel

ProGUARD DP™ Insulated Concrete Board                             ProGUARD® Non-Structural Concrete Insulated Sheathing

ThermaDRY® Insulating Drainage Panels                               ProTEC®C-SIP – Concrete Structural Insulated Panels

WallGUARD® Concrete Faced Insulated Perimeter Wall Panels


LEEDv4 Credits  

Products may contribute to the following LEEDv4 credits:

Energy & Atmosphere (EA)

  • Minimum Energy Performance                                           Prerequisite 2
  • Optimize Energy Performance                                            Option 1

Indoor Environmental Quality (EQ)

  • Thermal Comfort Design                                                     Option 1


LEEDv3 Credits 

Products may contribute to the following LEEDv3/ 2009 credits:

Material & Resource (MR)

  • Credit 1 “Building Reuse” (1 to 3 pts.)
  • Credit 2 “Construction Waste Management” (2 pts.)
  • Credit 3 “Resource Reuse” (3 pts.)
  • Credit 4 “Recycled Content” (Pre-consumer and Post-Industrial)
  • Credit 5 “Local/Regional Materials” (2 pts.) Plant located at 3255 Symmes Rd. Hamilton, Ohio 45015.

 Sustainable Sites (SS)

  • Credit 2&3 “Urban / Brownfield Redevelopment” (1-2 pts.)

Energy and Atmosphere (EA Credits)

  • Prerequisite 2 “Minimum Energy Performance, Required for Certification”
  • Credit 1 “Optimize Energy Performance” (1-20 pts.)
  • Environmental Quality (EQ Credits)
  • Credit 7 “Thermal Comfort–Design” (1 pt.)


Collaborative of High Performance Schools (chps.net)

  • Energy Efficiency (EE)
  • EE1.0 Minimum Energy Performance
  • Indoor Environmental Quality (EQ)
  • EQ9.1 Minimum Acoustical Performance



Download our product specific LEED® and EPD documents to see more detailed information.

LEED Statement v3 v4 

LightGUARD Leed v3

HeavyGUARD Leed v3

WallGUARD Leed v3

ProGUARD XPS Leed v3

ProGUARD EPS Leed v3

ThermaDRY Leed v3

ProTEC CSIP Leed v3

Styrofoam Brand ST-100 EPD



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